installing solar for your business is a bright idea.

Business owners know that one of the highest variable overhead costs facing you is electricity, and the price keeps rising every year. There’s never been a better time to leverage the sun’s free power to lower overhead costs and make an impact on your wallet and the environment.

advantages of solar and solar storage for you business

Save Money


Cut your utility bill out of your overhead costs by as much as 75%

Tax incentives

Partially offset or eliminate the initial costs of going solar.

Lighten your carbon footprint

Make an impact on the environment. On average, our commercial systems offset 150 tons of carbon emissions per year. That’s like planting 4000 trees annually!

A Great Selling point

Attract a growing customer base that wants to support businesses that care about the planet. What’s not to love?

Flexible purchase options

Solar is an excellent investment because they pay for themselves as they cut costs.

25-year warranty

All parts and labor are covered, so you can focus on doing what you do best—no worries.

Battery Backup Storage

Batteries mean that you can keep your doors open even while the rest of the street goes dark.


our commercial solar services at a glance:

Complete solar installation from initial site assessment to activation

25-year workmanship warranty

Specialists on-call at every point of the installation process to guarantee the fastest turnaround times

Tesla and LG Chem Battery Installation

get the white glove experience



Total customer satisfaction

Dedicated Commercial Teams 

We partner with every commercial client with a team of solar experts with more than twenty years of collective project management and electrical contracting experience. Our teams are work with you to develop your custom solar panel layout, always maximizing reliability, simplicity, efficiency, and cost to help you get maximum savings.

Fastest turnaround times 

We have project turnaround times down to a science in large part thanks to our permit and utility specialists. Their large networks across hundreds of city jurisdictions make procuring the necessary legal permissions a breeze every time. 

An Opportunity to Give back

We donate a portion of each installation’s proceeds to our service partner, the GivePower Foundation. Empire has donated over $250,000 to this foundation which provides solar-powered clean drinking water systems and electricity to communities worldwide. By choosing Empire, you also decide to support this incredible cause. 

step by step installation process


We collect your electricity usage readings to gauge how many solar panels your business will require.


We use drones and state-of-the-art imaging technology to map your roof space and any obstacles. From here, we determine the layout of your solar array.

Pop the champagne!

Your solar panels are operational as soon as we get “PTO” (Permission to operate). You can activate your system and enjoy your savings to the fullest.


We develop a proposal including any additional tax incentives we believe you may qualify for and submit them to you for approval.

Last checks

We review the site in-person, completing final assessments before submitting our permits for approval.


We submit our plans to your local jurisdiction for approval.


We install your project at record speed with the presence of a master electrician at every job site.