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Financing your solar project doesn’t have to be a headache. At Empire, we’ve got your back.

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We offer competitive custom financing and work with you to build a solar project that suits your needs and budget. From there, we help you find the financing option that works best for you.

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A guide to helping you find the best way to finance your commercial solar project

Do you have cash or the ability to take out a small business loan with your bank?


Great! You’ll be able to take advantage of Tax Credits such as:

The federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) will cover 26% of your commercial solar project. 

Tax advantages of depreciation


No worries, there are still tons of great options available to you. 

Solar Lease

Pay to “rent” your power at a fixed rate, lower than your old utility bill 


Pay only for the power you use 

• Pay $0 down
• 3rd party capital provider maintains panels
• Flexible billing options or the option to buy back your panels over time


leveraging incentives for maximum savings  

When paying with cash or through a solar loan, you may be able to take advantage of these additional savings benefits: 

Federal Investment Tax Credit

PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) programs

REAP (Rural Energy for America Program) Grants for Agriculture projects

Depreciation benefits

Reduced sales tax for agriculture customers


solar panel cost trends nationwide 

The first residential solar system was sold by Hoffman Electronics-Semiconductor Division in 1955 for $25/cell or $1,785/watt. That’s almost $250/cell or $17,000/watt in today’s money. To give you an idea of how astronomical that was, today solar costs about $3.00/watt. 

There have been billions invested into the industry since to create more efficient technologies in the last 10 years, helping to create a 60% drop in cost from $50,000 for an average 6kW system to anywhere between $16,200- $21,420 (EnergySage)

Financing your solar project doesn’t have to be a headache. At Empire, we’ve got your back.