Dealer Program SOP

Dealer Hub crop.jpg

  • Max Price Per Watt is $5.50/w (PV Only)

    • Add-ons may be sold above and beyond that pricing but MUST be pre-approved by Empire

      • Additional services to be included in the loan must be provided by Empire approved contractors. 


Minimum System Size 

  • Roof Mount systems: Minimum of 8 Modules (~2.56 kW) is required

  • Ground Mount: Minimum of 8 kW system size is required


Roof Type/Structures 

  • We cannot install on Mobile Homes 

    • Modular Homes on a set foundation will be accepted on a case by case basis. 

      • Please reach out to Dealer Support for exceptions at 385-355-7025

  • We cannot install on Wood Shake roofs


Production Limit

  • Customer Proposal must meet estimated production within  + / -  10% or Change Order will be initiated

Additional Dealer Program Policies


*Please take time to read through entirely.

Current Funding Programs and Project Adders


*Subject to Change, it is our intention to always keep these up to date.