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Setting Expectations

The biggest hurdle we face in a smooth transition is having a solid set of expectations that we are setting with the customer upon the close of sale, again during our site visit, and continuously throughout our customer service interactions as a team. Our goal as fulfillment providers is to act as a team, backup the promises made by the Sales rep, and keep those referrals coming in!


  • Site survey -- During this appointment, we will perform a site assessment,  address the customer’s electrical needs in going solar and confirm final placement of modules on the roof.  Please help to set the expectation that initial layouts depicted on proposal are suggested, and may change after findings of survey. 


  • Customer should be home during this visit

  • Tech will likely need access to their attic space

  • Tech may or may not have to climb onto the customer’s roof (by accessing their backyard, etc.)

  • After Survey, homeowner will get a copy of their final design via email to voice any concers. 

  • NEST/Smart Thermostats- Not all furnaces are compatible AND they are not compatible for homes with swamp coolers. Our team will consult with customer for replacement options in these cases. 

  • No Shows- If customer is unavailable at time of survey, our rep will attempt to reach you, and the customer to salvage the appointment. If our technician must leave without completing the appointment, we ask that you, the sales rep reschedule that appointment via the online booker. 

  • If our tech must reschedule an appointment they will alert you, and handle the reschedule directly with the customer. We make every attempt to keep these to a minimum. It is our intent to get onsite as soon as possible and work to seal the deal and generate ongoing excitement for the customer on their decision to go solar!


  • Loan Specifics -- Please ensure that the customer understands the loan product they are sold to the best of your ability, during the close of the deal. Additionally, please see our attached Ethical Sales Practices Policy.


  • Customer Service /Project Communication -- Please be sure to provide us GOOD email addresses at point of sale. Customer will receive automatic notifications via email at each major checkpoint of their project. These are structured along the lines of: What’s New, What’s Next, What to expect, etc. and contain ESG branded contact info for customer inquiries. 


  • Installation Timeline -- The turnaround for installation can vary quite widely from customer to customer dependant on factors such as, their local AJH permitting wait times, their HOA’s approval (if applicable), etc. Our aim is for a 60 day turnaround max, although many projects go in well underneath this estimate and others will go beyond that estimate, largely due to factors beyond our control as a team. While it is our primary focus to get jobs installed in the shortest time possible, it would help us all in setting the customer’s expectation correctly so that we can hopefully come in under those estimates and blow them away! 


  • Customers In a Homeowner’s Association -- We request that customer sign a POA sheet (as part of their digital docs package) that allows us to deal directly with their HOA to try and facilitate a fast and smooth turnaround, with minimal involvement on the customer’s part. While this is quite effective with most HOA’s, there may be a few who still require that the customer initiates the request for approval of their solar project themselves. Also, many HOA’s meet only once or twice monthly to review and give approvals of these projects. Dependant on our projects timeline’s lining up with the HOA’s schedule to review, these can cause additional delay in the projects installation timeline. Letting the customer know this upfront and setting the expectation for those living in an HOA can help avoid surprises and frustrations about installation delay.