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From Buck Miller Cabin

Welcome to Empire Masters, 2021


Starting on September 1, members will have a chance to compete for the Empire Masters jacket and a place in history. 


Each team will be awarded 1 point per installation that passes inspection. 

What is Empire Masters?

Founded in the fall of 2020, minds gathered round in the Buck Miller Cabin with an idea. This idea was to provide a service to solar by hosting a tournament, which would take place the following fall season in 2021. The final decision was made by The Founders Club in a meeting which took place in early June, 2021. 




Q: Who can participate? 


A: All Installers can participate. 3-4 people on each team. Your teams have already been established please refer to your manager for specifics. Branches supporting the winning team will win a prize of their own which will be announced after the seeding round ends.


Q: When will we be rewarded with prizes?

A: Installers will receive prizes at the end of each round (lasting 2 weeks).


Q: Why is there a seeding round? 

A: This will establish your rank in the competition. Top seeds will face bottom seeds so you really want to push for a high rank early on. 


Q: How will my points be calculated and when?


A: You will receive 1 point per module installed. Each round will last 2 weeks after the 4-week seeding round.


Q: How does double elimination work?

A: If you lose a round you will drop to a consolation bracket where you will have the opportunity to fight your way back to become the champion. Though you will win no prizes here, you can still work your way back to take the championship with consecutive wins.

For any additional questions please talk to your Branch Manager. Build on!