Empire Dealer FAQ

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Topic: Cash Deal

What are the Cash terms?


     $1000 at Signing
      50% of Remainder at Permit Submitted
      50% of Remainder at Installation Complete


Topic: Cash Deal

How do I collect Cash Downpayments?

*Rep should collect Check made to: Empire Solar Group AND put it in the mail to: Empire Solar Group 9 E Exchange Pl Suite 400 Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Topic: Customer Move (Loanpal)

What happens in the event a customer moves?

The loans are 100% transferable - new owner applies with the same application link. Loan servicing transfers after closing

Topic: Customer Move (Sunnova)

What happens in the event a customer moves?

New homeowner will need to requalify under the same quote.

Topic: Loanpal Docs

Where to send Documents related to Loanpal stips, etc.?


Topic: Multi-Family Homes (Sunnova)

Can we install on multi-family homes such as a duplex/triplex?

Multi-family homes are accepted, subject to minimum standards, if the following conditions are met:
    - Entire property must be owned by signatory on Sunnova contract
    - One unit must be Owner occupied
    - Only the Owner's unit is qualified

Topic: Sunlight Financial

What are the price caps?

Price cap of $6.00/watt - this includes any kind of home improvement or additional work such as trenching, mpu, etc. No more than 15% of loan can go towards home improvements. $10/W cap if job has a battery.

Topic: System Size Nevada

What is the maximum system size we can have in NV?

25kw per one meter

Topic: System Size Offset in Nevada

What is the maximum we can offset a system in NV?

100% of 12 month consumption, square footage (if there is no 12 month consumption), or an engineers estimate.