solar: a cleaner solution

Electricity is messy, and we’re paying for it. 

Electricity rates continue to rise every year—some areas have seen rate hikes as much as 80% in one year.

Why? Because electricity production takes a lot of work to maintain. You’re not just paying for your own power, but you’re paying for the coal plant closures, contamination cleanup, complicated aging systems and more. It takes its toll on the planet and on your electric bill.

See how much solar can save you

since 2005 national average utility 
prices have nearly doubled.


Your Current Utility Bill


Your Average Bill in 30 Years


Your Current Annual Utility Bill


Your Annual Utility Bill in 30 Years


30 Year Cost of Doing Nothing

why go solar? 

Top 10 Reasons Your Neighbors Decided to Own Solar

Save Money

Since 2005 national average utility prices have nearly doubled. Solar puts an end to the price hikes and keeps your money in your pocket.

Own, Don’t Rent Your Power

Renting is expensive and wasteful. Owning your power provides confidence and peach of mind.

Fixed Bills

Solar provides you with a low, fixed rate, so you never have to worry about seasonal price spikes or surges in cost.

Added Home Equity

According to a Berkley study, and Zillow research, having solar increases your home’s value.

Free Power (ownership plan)

Once your system is paid off, you enjoy free energy. It’s just like paying off a car loan.

25 Year Warranty

All parts and labor are covered. If anything happens to your system, we’ll take care of it.

Protect the Environment

A typical residential solar panel system will eliminate 3-4 tons of carbon emissions each year—the equivalent of planting over 100 trees annually.

Tax Credits and Incentives Available

Your tax dollars are working hard for others. Why not for you? Get a 26% Federal tax credit, as well as other state incentives, when you go solar.

National Security

By increasing our capacity to generate electricity from the sun, we also insulate ourselves from global energy market volatility.

$0 Out of Pocket

In most cases, you can start your journey towards free energy for $0 out of pocket.

Solar doesn’t make sense for everyone.
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what solar panel services do we offer? 

Empire Solar Group offers a range of services, from solar panel array design, to solar panel and battery installation and maintenance.

why empire? 

Quality, Integrity, Total Customer Satisfaction

With over 15 years in business, Empire is committed to providing an elevated service through the latest in innovation, smart software, and through attention to detail.

A+ Financing

We make it easy to own your solar array through our flexible financing options. We can get you approved, even if you’ve been turned down before.

25 Year warranty

We proudly offer a 25-year full workmanship warranty on our installation and electrical services in addition to manufacturer’s warranties on materials. That’s the best in the industry.

Give Power to Those Who Need it Most

We donate a portion of the proceeds of each installation to  the GivePower Foundation. To date, Empire has donated over $250,000 which provides clean drinking water and solar generated electricity to underdeveloped communities around the globe. 

Performance Monitoring

Empire solar systems come with professional-grade performance monitoring. At any given time you can see how your panels are performing through a private online dashboard.

Quick and Simple

With our trained, specialized experts, our project turnaround times are some of the quickest in the industry.

A Cut Above

Each job is assigned a trained, licensed electrician to make sure your installation meets the highest of standards.


Very helpful and team members that have the knowledge to answer any and all questions. I would work with this group of professionals every time. 

Charles A. January, 2021


what is the solar panel installation process? 

The solar panel installation process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months depending on the responsiveness and requirements of your local permitting office, building inspectors, and utility providers.

Empire creates a custom panel layout for you based on an assessment of your roof.

We then submit our plans to your local jurisdiction for approval. 

Your solar panels are operational as soon as we get “PTO” (Permission to operate) from your utility company after your net meter has been installed. That’s it!

While we wait, we work with your utility company to get your Net Meter installed.

We also work with you to get approval from your Homeowners Association if necessary.

When we’ve gotten the green light from everyone we need to, we install your panels on your roof.

markets we serve

Empire is currently located in 14 states and counting!





solar panel maintenance process 

Sometimes solar panels may need to be double checked if they don’t generate enough power or aren’t working properly. Empire will send someone to take a look and try to remedy the situation, or install new panels or other equipment. Under our 25 year warranty, all repairs from installation are covered and can be fixed at no cost to you.


make an impact 
with empire

When you choose Empire, not only are you making an impact on the environment, and your wallet, but you are changing peoples’ lives. We will donate $40 on your behalf to the Givepower foundation to expand their solar-powered water farms which provide clean drinking water to over 35,000 people in need, every day.