If you’re reading this you either work at Empire or know someone who does. That makes you an Empire VIP! Let’s hook you up with some sweet new solar at a fraction of the market price.



To get started we need you to fill out the Jotform linked below, so our VIP team can get in touch.

you will need:

Name of referring employee

Name, address of project, and email address of person receiving solar

A copy their utility bill

Lastly, be sure to check out the rules

Note: If the employee is filling out the form on the VIP’s behalf, they will need access to their calendar availability to set up an appointment at the end of the form.

that’s it!


We can’t wait to meet you and get started on your solar project.​

VIP program guidelines for employees

Empire Employees, please refrain from selling the project or quoting pricing. We have a dedicated team that will contact your referral and walk them through the process and present them with a solar proposal. In addition, please remember the one rule of the VIP Program: No Shady Salesy Stuff. We designed this program to be a word-of-mouth opportunity. So posting on social media, searching for leads, and contacting any customer (pre or existing) are all prohibited. Employees who represent themselves as a Empire Solar Group sales representatives for the purpose of soliciting solar referrals may be disqualified from the program or receive disciplinary action. Please refrain from using work hours to contact your referrals or work on this Jotform. Thank you in advance for understanding and abiding by the One Rule of the Empire VIP Program.